4KEEPS is a Minnesota based organization that provides support for the special needs of adoption and foster families and those who serve them.

Founded in 2002, 4KEEPS was created by concerned parents of adopted and foster children in partnership with Anoka County Adoption Unit through a federal grant.  The primary focus was to provide much needed support for the emotional issues and physical disabilities of these unique families.

Children in adoptive and foster families experience unique needs. In many cases, these children have suffered from abandonment, neglect or abuse prior to placement. Also, this trauma may be combined with other issues such as pre-natal exposure to alcohol (FASD) or drug abuse, attachment and re-active attachment disorders (RAD), ADHD, physical disabilities, and multiple disruptions between birth and foster families. These emotional and physical challenges need special support and understanding that go beyond traditional parenting techniques.

4KEEPS recognizes these needs and offers support and education to any parent, caregiver or professional who is parenting or working with children who are exhibiting difficult behaviors. 4KEEPS helps this community by offering:

  • Parenting Workshops
  • Parent Networking
  • Family Events
  • Resources

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4KEEPS is a registered 501c non-profit organization.



4KEEPS is a Minnesota based organization that provides integrated strategies to support the special needs of adoption/foster families and those who serve them.


4KEEPS provides education and identifies resources to develop tangible skills that support success academically, socially and relationally through research based interventions. 4KEEPS evaluates the results of its programs to ensure effectiveness and to meet the needs of those it serves.